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We as a league have been seeing too many cards for sliding. Sliding is anytime you leave your feet and go to ground in an attempt to play the ball. It does not matter if there is a player around or not, do not leave your feet to go to the ground.

This does not apply to people who are fouled and fall to the ground.

Keepers can slide out leading with their hands or going out sideways to stop a shot, but not leading with their feet as well. If players continue to slide and think that it's just a yellow, then we will change sliding to a straight red. There will be no negotiating from the league.
Information for the upcoming 2021 Fall Season. Here is some information about this season. Please read all the information and be on top of things. Be prepared for the season and get your rosters filled as soon as possible. NO going over the slots or moving teams that sign up in the wrong division just to get in – so if you sign your team up for D2 because the other divisions were full, then you will stay in D2.

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS opening Tuesday, August 24th and closes Friday, September 24th at 11:59pm. That gives every team one month to get your team filled. Put anyone you think will play on the roster. Players signed up on the day of a game will not be able to play that day. We will not be adding any players after this date due to insurance policies.

Again, we will be doing ONLY 7-man soccer this season. We are going to get in 9 guaranteed games. We may be able to add an extra game should time and weather allow.

Team limit
We will only be able to have 86 teams for the Fall Season. Once the league hits that cap, then no teams will be allowed to register - returning or new. You can ask to be put on a wait list, and if a team doesn't make, then your team can be added. IF you sign up your team, make sure you get at least 5 players signed up a week prior to the league starting. We will start removing teams who don't have enough players and replacing with teams who have full rosters. Again, get your team and team members signed up early.
Division breakdown: D2 – 10 teams D3 - 16 teams D4 - 22 teams D5 - 22 teams D6 - 16 teams

7-man Divisions
Divisions 2-6: will now have some limitations on what divisions you can sign up for if you plan on playing in multiple divisions. This new restriction will apply to everyone who signs up to play. Please read the following very carefully:

Division 6: A player who plays in D-6 can only play in D-6, male and female players alike. The male age rule of being 30 and over still applies.

Division 5: A player who signs up for D-5 can also play in D-4 but NO other division, male and female players alike.

Division 4: A player who signs up for D-4 can also play in D-3 or D-5 but NO other division, male and female players alike.

Division 3: A player who signs up for D-3 can also play in D-4 or D-2 but NO other division, male and female players alike.

Division 2: A player who signs up for D-2 can also play in D-3 but NO other division, male and female players alike.

We as a league are trying to limit the amount of sandbagging, or playing down, and looking to improve the spirit of play in each division. If we see a player and or team is out of place we will move you no questions asked. This league is designed to be fun and competitive, but when players/teams play out of division it becomes neither.
Additional FALL 2021 Season Details

The cost for you to play on single team will be $75 a person, and if you sign up for a second team it will be $50. Once the season has begun, there will be no refunds issued.

We will be playing all games on the Synthetic fields at Veteran's Park, and not playing on any of the grass fields. This will help to solve the rainout issues.

Will we start the season on Thursday, September 9th and continue until Thursday, November 11th. Games will be played on Sunday's from 2-9:30pm, and Tuesday/Thursday's from 6:00-10:00pm. If you have a team schedule request for game times and days, please email our league scheduler as soon as possible. marty@bcssoccer.com

With the times being limited on Tuesday and Thursday, almost all games will be played on Sundays. So all teams must be able to play on Sundays

If a game gets posted, then we are not going to change it. Get your request in early. No game changes will be made once the game has been posted. If a game is scheduled, then it is set in stone.

All players playing in the field must have a large visible number permanently attached to the jersey, and the jerseys need to be the same color.


Also, ALL players MUST wear shin guards while on the field playing. Failure to wear appropriate jerseys or shin guards can result in being issued a card.

Read over the rules and know the rules for behavior and the punishments that can be handed out for reckless behavior.
COVID Procedure/restrictions
We understand that there are still ongoing cases of COVID, but feel that if we all are smart about how we open, we can return to play without putting players and referees at unnecessary risk. There is some evidence that outdoor sports such as soccer pose lower risks of disease transmission, due to the outdoor nature of the sport and limited time that players are in close contact with each other at certain intervals during a game. We will continue to assess the situation and keep the safety of our players first and foremost.
In saying that, we are going to ask every one of you to abide by the following protocols.

1 – If you are showing symptoms of COVID (fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, body aches, loss of taste or smell among others), or have been in close contact with someone who has shown symptoms or tested positive, we ask that you quarantine yourself per CDC guidelines. If you test positive for COVID after participating in a league game, we ask that you notify us so we can let teams that may have been in contact with you know. Be assured that we will not disclose your identity or any personal health information.

2 – No need to shake hands, high five opponents at the end of the game. Keep physical contact to a minimum.

3 – Once your game is over, leave the fields as quickly as possible.

4 – Any deliberate coughing, sneezing, spitting, flinging of sweat on another player as if to get them sick will result in an automatic Red Card and lengthy suspension.
Refund Policy
Once the season has started and games have been played, no refunds will be given since many of our expenses are paid at the beginning of the season. BCSSL does, however, reserve the right to handle each case on an individual basis.
Insurance Claim Form
If you or a teammate gets injured and wants to file a claim with US Club Soccer to see about getting some coverage, please go visit www.usclubsoccer.org/forms-documents. Click on the section about Insurance Claim Verification. Fill out all their needed info and submit to them, not the BCSSL. We have nothing to do with claims.
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Sunday, October 24, 2021 
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