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Free Agents
If you are still a free agent waiting to be placed on a team, please email the league registrar and notify them.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our limit for new teams. If you are a currently signed up to play this spring, you need to get your team roster filled. If you want to create a new team or add a returning team, please email the registrar and he will put you on a wait list. We can not promise a full allotment of games or any games at all if you wait listed. We will contact you if a team drops out.
Spring 2015 - Free Agents
Team Captains if you know you are in need of any extra players and would be willing to have a free agent or two placed on your team - please, email the registrar and let us know. We have a good number of players looking to play this season, and we need some help knowing if your team needs a couple of extra players.
**Changed 2/6* Schedule requests and game day and times
We have had some changes to field availabilty that are beyond our control. 7 v7 games will be on Sundays at 245, 4, 515, 630, 745 and 9 pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays with games at 630, 745, and 9 at veterans park. The Tues games are new, if a team CANNOT Play on Tuesdays, please let us know by 15 February. 11 v 11 will be on Wednesday 615 and 815 pm and Sundays at 2, 4, 6, and 8pm at Bachmann park.

Based on last seasons scheduling, we again cannot take schedule requests (other than our errors) once games are posted online. Please get your schedule requests in as early as possible for best results. After 1 March games are completed, no more schedule requests will be entertained or accepted (except in cases of our errors).

League Division Breakdown:

Division 1:
11-a-side teams. 90-minute games. Full-field.

Divisions 2, 3, and 4:
7-a-side with a results-based promotion/relegation ladder. One to four teams will be promoted and relegated between seasons to keep divisions roughly equal in size. Intensity and contact should be graded based on division, with higher intensity in D2. All new teams begin in D3. No slide tackling, 60-minute games. Half-field.

Division 5:
RECREATIONAL-ONLY division. Teams are required to have two men over 40 and/or women on the field at all times. 7-a-side. 60-minute games. Half-field.

Division 6:
RECREATIONAL/NOVICE-ONLY division. Men playing in D6 under the age of 30 may not participate on any other team in any other division. 7-a-side. 60-minute games. Half-field.
Trash issues
Action needed to be taken due to the amount of trash left on fields by players and spectators. Referees and officials will note trash remaining after games or game sets, excessive trash will be rewarded with an executive yellow card given to the captains of teams that were involved or played on that field that day. While this is not entirely equitable, it is the only method to curtail the trash residue through involvement of all teams. If this is not curbed, then prices for all have to go up to compensate for the increased cost of trash pickup.
Insurance claim information
Players who are injured in BCSSL games are covered by a secondary insurance. The procedure is 1) Go ahead and get your injury taken care of. 2) In the mean time, in order for a claim to be submitted, the claimant must complete a form which can be found here. 3) Fill out the "Adult Claim Form" found here and email that form to todd@bcssoccer.com. Then Bollinger (the insurance company) will walk us through the rest of the procedures.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015 
The mission of the BCSSL is to provide a safe and fun environment for adults to play organized soccer in Bryan/College Station. We will provide a forum for players and corporations interested in soccer and athletics to enjoy playing “The Great Game” in an environment of good sportsmanship and friendly competition...
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