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Player/Fan Behavior Reminders
Fines and Suspensions:

Everyone, look this over and make sure you are aware of the behavior expectations by all players. We have had an uptick in incidents and the league is going to start enforcing these consequences more closely. So we need to make sure you know what is going to happen if a player gets carded for the following behavior.
These can all be found under the News and Info tab at the top and then under League Rules/General.

1) Player or Team Representative guilty of physically assaulting a referee is up to a $100.00 fine with a minimum of a 1- year suspension.

2) Player or Team Representative guilty of verbally abusing/cursing towards and/or touching/grabbing a referee is up to a $50.00 fine with a minimum of a 6-month suspension.

3) Player or Team Representative guilty of fighting is up to a $150.00 fine with a minimum of a 6-month suspension.

4) Players guilty of violations addressed by discipline committee vote, will have the results of their case published on the website for the education of other players.

A red card or an accumulation of 4 yellow cards within a season will result in a player's one match suspension.
A suspended player must sit out of a game that is actually played; forfeits do not count.
If a suspended player participates in a game or games, the player's team will have to forfeit all games in which the suspended player participated in while on suspension.
Additionally, the suspended player may be subject to further action initiated by the Executive Committee. This may include, but is not limited to, additional fines, and suspension for the remainder of the season.

We as a league have been seeing too many cards for sliding. Sliding is anytime you leave your feet and go to ground in an attempt to play the ball. It does not matter if there is a player around or not, do not leave your feet to go to the ground.

This does not apply to people who are fouled and fall to the ground.

Keepers can slide out leading with their hands or going out sideways to stop a shot, but not leading with their feet as well. If players continue to slide and think that it's just a yellow, then we will change sliding to a straight red. There will be no negotiating from the league.
Refund Policy
Once the season has started and games have been played, no refunds will be given since many of our expenses are paid at the beginning of the season. BCSSL does, however, reserve the right to handle each case on an individual basis.
Insurance Claim Form
If you or a teammate gets injured and wants to file a claim with US Club Soccer to see about getting some coverage, please go visit www.usclubsoccer.org/forms-documents. Click on the section about Insurance Claim Verification. Fill out all their needed info and submit to them, not the BCSSL. We have nothing to do with claims.
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Thursday, September 28, 2023 
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