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2016 Fall Season
The 2016 Fall Season is upon us and we are preparing for a great season. Here is some vital information for the fall season.


We will be doing ONLY 7-man soccer this season. We know this will upset a few 11-man teams, but hopefully this will help drive the interest back up to have an 11-man division in the Spring.

Team limit
We will only be able to have 80 teams for the Fall Season. Once the league hits that cap, then no teams will be allowed to register - returning or new. You can ask to be put on a wait list, and if a team doesn't make, then your team can be added. IF you sign up your team, make sure you get at least 5 players signed up a week prior to the league starting. We will start removing teams who don't have enough players and replacing with teams who have full rosters. Again, get your team and team members signed up early.

7-man Divisions
Please look at the note below regarding proper placement in the divisions. We are going to look really hard at those who sign up for D6 - guys can NOT be younger than 30, and if you are a male over 30 or any female and you play in higher divisions (2-4), please do not sign up for D6. Please, look to play in a higher division and challenge yourself - we can help place you on a team if needed. We will be looking at teams as they sign up and move teams up if we see a team that does not belong in their current division.

The cost for you to play on single team will be $60 a person, and if you sign up for a second, third team, etc. it will be $40 an additional team.

We will be playing all games on the Synthetic fields at Veteran's Park, and not playing on any of the grass fields. This will help to solve the rainout issues.

Will we start the season on Thursday, September 8th and continue until Sunday, November 20th. Games will be played on Sunday's from 2-11pm, and Tuesday/Thursday's from 6-11pm. If you have a team schedule request for game times and days, please email our league scheduler as soon as possible. If a game gets posted, then we are not going to change it. Get your request in early.

All players playing in the field must have a large visible number permanently attached to the jersey, and the jerseys need to be the same color. Also, ALL players MUST wear shin guards while on the field playing. Failure to wear appropriate jerseys or shin guards can result in being issued a card.
Team Placement & League Behavior
Please be aware that we as a league are going to start monitoring teams a little more closely this season. If your team dominated the division they played in previous season, then we ask that you move up a level. Not playing in the correct division can cause teams to start playing wild and dirty. This then causes for players to get into confrontations and fights with both the other team and the refs. This is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. If we see teams running up scores or playing in the incorrect division, we will move you up with out question.
Trash issues
Action needed to be taken due to the amount of trash left on fields by players and spectators. Referees and officials will note trash remaining after games or game sets, excessive trash will be rewarded with an executive yellow card given to the captains of teams that were involved or played on that field that day. While this is not entirely equitable, it is the only method to curtail the trash residue through involvement of all teams. If this is not curbed, then prices for all have to go up to compensate for the increased cost of trash pickup.
Insurance Claims
If you or a team mate get hurt during a game, here is the link to file a claim with our league insurance. Again, this is a secondary coverage that will help cover a small portion after your insurance covers what it covers. The league has nothing to do with the insurance group as far as filing claims, but we can help direct you where to go for paper work. Clink on the link below, or copy and paste. It has the forms needed: http://usclubsoccer.org/resources/forms-documents/ Select the Insurance Claim Verification. You can also contact them to send any paper work you need.
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Sunday, November 20, 2016 
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