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As of 12:00 am, July 10th, all refund requests will no longer be accepted.
Those that have requested refunds will have them processed by the weekend and received in the next 7-10 days.
The BCSSL wants to thank everyone who has elected to have their league fees put towards a donation to the Brazos Valley Food Bank.
We, hopefully, look forward to seeing you all in the fall.
This is a reminder on a couple of key issues:

1 - There is NO drinking on the sidelines before, during and/or after games. You need to move this to the area outside the concrete sidewalks and/or into the parking lots.

2 - Absolutely, there is NO touching of the referee's. We are starting to get reports of players grabbing/touching the referee's when disagreeing fouls. If this happens it can lead to an automatic red card, no questions asked and it will not be overturned.
The league wants to share some reminders and expectations:

Players will not be allowed to play games with jewelry, which means no watches, no fitness trackers, no piercings of any kind, no rings, no bracelets. Failure to remove these items can lead to a yellow card being issued.

No sliding or leaving of your feet to defend or play a ball. Stay on your feet. Sliding with no contact is a yellow card, and sliding with contact can lead to a red card.

Look over the game card before signing it at the end of the game and check for correctness of goals and cards. Once the card is signed, the league assumes everything is correct.

Do not email asking to remove or change a card that was issued. Once a card is given, it is given and will be upheld by the league. Yellow cards come with a $5 fine and Red cards come with a $10 fine plus sitting out the following game. Players will not be allowed to play until the fines have been paid as well.

We have had alerts of balls going missing from games, please have someone go retrieve balls that get played far out from the fields. The league is not responsible for missing balls.

Good luck this season and have fun playing the game of soccer.
We as a league have been seeing too many cards for sliding. Sliding is anytime you leave your feet and go to ground in an attempt to play the ball. It does not matter if there is a player around or not, do not leave your feet to go to the ground.

This does not apply to people who are fouled and fall to the ground.

Keepers can slide out leading with their hands or going out sideways to stop a shot, but not leading with their feet as well. If players continue to slide and think that it's just a yellow, then we will change sliding to a straight red. There will be no negotiating from the league.
Insurance Claim Form
If you or a teammate gets injured and wants to file a claim with US Club Soccer to see about getting some coverage, please go visit www.usclubsoccer.org/forms-documents. Click on the section about Insurance Claim Verification. Fill out all their needed info and submit to them, not the BCSSL. We have nothing to do with claims.
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Thursday, March 5, 2020 
The mission of the BCSSL is to provide a safe and fun environment for adults to play organized soccer in Bryan/College Station. We will provide a forum for players and corporations interested in soccer and athletics to enjoy playing “The Great Game” in an environment of good sportsmanship and friendly competition...
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